Our high qualified rate of products based on our neat workshop, high-quality equipment and CNC AL-MG processing center.

  • Injection Workshop

    We use brand new plastic particles, New Nylon PA66+30% GF, and the injection process is free of impurities.

  • Adjustment Troubleshoot

    After being assembled, every machine must go through adjustment and troubleshoot to make sure our customers receive products without quality problems.

  • Testing Room

    Detect a series of testing data including durability, cylinder temperature, fuel consumption, torque, etc.

  • Assembly Line

    We have a highly skilled assembly team with a monthly output of 50,000 machines and a pass rate of 99.8%.

  • Chainsaw Assembly Line

    It produces nearly 400 thousand chainsaws.

  • Product Warehouse

    The product warehouse is clean and tidy, we will check again each time before shipment and deliver to the customer.